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Roy’s Liquor Bourbon News May 19, 2015

The Courier-Journal
Recipe | Ky. apple bourbon pecan bread pudding

This bread pudding features the best of bourbon, like Woodford Reserve distilled by Brown-Forman in Versailles. Leave yourself plenty of time to …
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News-Press Now
Bourbon Street opens Downtown

Customers enjoy lunch at Bourbon Street on Monday. The Cajun restaurant officially opened in Downtown St. Joseph and plans to add a second …
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Lexington Herald Leader
Wild Turkey bringing out two special releases and a rye

According to Diageo, Blade and Bow uses a solera aging system that blends in some of the last remaining bourbon produced at the legendary …
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The Whiskey Wash
Are You Ready For The Kentucky Bourbon Affair 2015?

The Kentucky Bourbon Affair is fast-approaching on June 3-7 2015. If you would like to attend this year, there are still plenty of events that haven’t sold …
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The Whiskey Wash
Jefferson’s Reserve Groth Bourbon Finished In Wine Casks

Jefferson’s Reserve Groth Reserve Cask Finish Those behind the Jefferson’s Reserve bourbons have been busy so far in 2015 with new bottlings, …
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Jewish Journal
Daily Kickoff: Uber debuts in Jerusalem | The Jewish Origins of Kentucky Bourbon

TOP TALKER: “Libya Role of Clinton Friend Blumenthal Blurs Lines” by Nicholas Confessore and Michael S. Schmidt: “Now, as Hillary Rodham …
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South Carolina Distiller Promises To Make Kentucky Liquor Quicker

Jars of Terressentia bourbon wait for final production. Terressentia uses a process to artificially “age” its bourbon in a few hours, forgoing traditional …
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Rapid City Journal
Bourbon boom drives demand for USA oak

Demand in recent years has made the wood a little harder to find — Jack Daniel’s now has nine people working as log buyers compared to two some …
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Jewish Business News
The Jewish Origins of Kentucky Bourbon

In 1867, a Jewish immigrant by the name of Isaac Wolfe Bernheim arrived to America from Germany. He rode in steerage and survived on potatoes—a …
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Possible Bourbon Shortage On The Horizon?

Burbons for sale summerlinI was reading an article today which discussed the high demand of Kentucky Bourbon. Shane Ferro of the Business Insider stated, “Because of the recent spike in popularity of the brown spirit, distillers, who generally need to age even the cheapest stuff for 8-10 years, are warning that a major shortage is coming.”

Here’s what Buffalo Trace had to say in its distillery email blast today:

Last year we warned consumers that a shortage was looming, but many markets across the nation are just now feeling the full effects. Along with increased production, adding more bottling lines and hiring more people, we have also hired a full-time barrel allocation manager, just as we intended last year. Despite the increase in distillation over the past few years, bourbon demand still outpaces supply. Bourbon must be matured in new oak barrels and we age many of our barrels for eight to ten years, and some over two decades. That’s a long time to wait for a bottle of bourbon. Not to mention, with the amount of bourbon lost to evaporation over time, barrels are half empty after ten years. The increase in sales, coupled with the aging process and evaporation loss, leads to a shortage with no end in sight. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we try to catch up!

We carry many rare bourbons at Roy’s Liquor in Summerlin including Buffalo Trace products. Most of our clients that appreciate fine liquors who have heard about the potential price increases, have been stocking up on the finest of bourbons. Please stop by to see our inventory. In addition, we can special order the hardest to find bourbons.


Rip Van Winkle Kentucky Bourbon

old rip van winkle bourbon summerlinRoy’s Liquor is now carrying Old Rip Van Winkle Kentucky Bourbon. The photo to the left shows the first two distillations we have received.

Old Rip Van Winkle 10yr – 107 Proof

This wonderful bourbon is bottled as close to barrel proof as possible. We add just a splash of our Kentucky limestone well-water when we empty the barrels for bottling. Thus, this whiskey is as smooth as any you will find. The more water you add to whiskey from its natural barrel proof to its bottle proof, the harsher it becomes. This 107 barrel proof seems to be just right. Rated 94 by the Beverage Tasting Institute

Van Winkle Special Reserve 12 Year – 90.4 Proof

Proof Van Winkle Special Reserve is the perfect combination of age and proof. This sweet, full bodied whiskey has been described by some as “Nectar”. We agree! The 12 years of aging and medium proof of 90.4 seem to be just right in creating a very pleasant drink of whiskey. This fine bourbon can compete with any excellent cognac as an after dinner drink. The overall impression is rich and deep. “Well crafted…elegant, stately…balanced beautifully”-Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal. Rated 98 by the Beverage Tasting Institute

You can find the Old Rip Van Winkle bourbon at Roy’s Liquors in Summerlin

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