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Patrón Releases Limited Edition Extra Añejo 7 Años For Sale in Las Vegas

Patrón Añejo 7 Años Las vegasWe are pleased to announce a very limited supply of Patrón Limited Edition Extra Añejo 7 Años available at Roy’s Liquor in Summerlin. Distiller, Francisco Alcaraz has produced Patrón’s first 7 year old Patron tequila.

This release was not intentional. They checked the tequila after 8 months and decided to put it back in storage and 7 years went by. When they checked it again it was very different.

The Extra Añejo 7 Años is a blend of tequilas produced by two methods. The first is the traditional tahona, where the agave is crushed by a stone wheel and the juices are released and then re-absorbed by the fiber — the fiber is also included in the fermentation. Patrón claims to be one of the few distilleries still using this process. The second method is the roller, where the juices are squeezed out and separated from the fiber immediately. Each style is fermented separately in pine wood, and then double distilled in custom copper pot stills designed by Alcaraz. They were then blended together and aged in French oak.

Only 700 cases were produced and we have access. Please call or stop by to place your order.

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